reflection 09/07

We were asked to bring ten items to start our new project – Co-create. The main point of the project is corroborating with the student from a different discipline, excites use to produce the variety of outcomes. I’m very excited about corroborating the different subject area because I want to break through my specialization in a more diverse way and form.

My partner in this project is Natasha who is focus on illustration and character design. Honestly, when I am placed with Natasha, many interesting ideas and thoughts just keep coming into my mind. Because I have appreciated her skill of illustrating classical roles and her own style for the character, and the 17thand 18thcentury is one of the theme that I really want to try and investigate.

In the first stage of the activity, we did the observational drawing on the ten personal items and after that, we have to performed and guess what it means. That communication really helps us to know each other deeper and also launch many interesting topic and ideas. For example, we both are vegetarian but with the different belief, I’m Buddhist and her starting point of being a vegetarian was because of the love of animals. And I think it can be a really interesting topic to create and combine with. We want to find out an interesting story between us and she will illustrate a collection of characters from the story, and I will do the fashion design for them and inspire by their personality and the story.



reflection 27/06

I've missed the concrete casting induction yesterday because i was absent that day, this resulted in me using only the knowledge i had from a levels to mix the plaster. So I have to catch-up harder and faster effectively today on the workshops I haven't experienced, which have metal, wood, and plastic. I  went down to the casting workshop to take out the plaster from the mould, and I been told that was a poor mixing by the tutor. Actually I already noticed that was not been mixed by a right proportion while I was stirring it, and understood that I should mix with exact amount that the mould needs and correct proportion of the plaster and water. However, in order to take the plaster out I had to cut out the mould without harming the cast. The doubt I had Tuesday became true as there was a line of separation between the cast, but overall it did not affect the appearance of the cast. The thing i was not happy with was the cast was a bit damp because i mixed the wrong proportions. Then I went to wood workshop to produce the base and background of the plaster, the technician really helped a lot with cutting the wood sheet exactly and taught me how to combine two wood sheets  together by needles and wood glue. In the stage of selecting the wood sheet, I particularly chose the wood that has been painted to white as the base for the plaster. Because I thought it really matched with the artisanal style of the white plaster, and that was what I wanted to present for the theme "Handmade". 

IMG_6471 2.jpgIMG_6478.jpg

Moreover, I went to the plastic area and extracted pieces of junk acrylic together and combined the acrylic to achieve the shape i wanted. Which was a circle representing the stereotypical eyeball of men, half of it covered by a blue sheet of acrylic to represent the colour they see women in, the other side was empty which was the world i wanted, a world without coloured lenses.


Lastly, the last and the most difficult workshop i went to was the metal workshop. Metal is really hard to deal with for me because of the sharp edges and weight of the metal. Especially the welding machine proved scary for me because different materials took different settings, which made combining different metals together hard. Also because metal is that of a flexible material so its hard to shape it to what you want to tell. I made underwear out of metal conveying the concept, which is. Underwear is just a piece of garment, not a sexualised piece of garment. I made it out of metal because it is hard and i want my statement to be like metal, hard.

IMG_6507 3.jpgIMG_6512 2.jpg

reflection 05/07

We are doing the drawing exercise today, especially do the styling and drawing in the fashion and textile group. I'm always interested in painting fashion illustration with variety of media, it helps me to express my exciting ideas via the daring drawing. At the same times, I styling, draping and layer different fabric and materials on a model, the 3D draping helps me to develop the variety of ideas of shapes and form. The quite drawing excites me to produce a collection of live fashion drawing and design ideas, because of the limitation of time I’m able to create many unexpected pieces in the challenging condition. Also, I’ve learned that I should choose a more suitable medium for different fabric and materials. For example, I can use watercolour to present the sense of transparent of organza instead of using oil pastel which is better to illustrate hard and heavy material.

IMG_0085.JPG.1 IMG_6961.jpg.1


reflection of tutorial 27/6

During the small group tutorial with Naomi and several students from different discipline, I have seen and appreciated a variety of creative outcomes and ideas, that truly gave me some new thoughts on my own specialisation. For example, there was a student from fashion hair styling and makeup who made some beautiful prints, which were inspired by natural elements in the  environment. She used water, wood, flower and sand as the main elements for the printing, that represented the resources that humans need, such as food, drinks, buildings, paper which surround our daily life. The points that I thought interesting were that she really made her concept obvious and also used that printing technique creatively by different colours and materials. 

In the stage of my introduction of my project, I not only spoke out the main theme which was feminism, but pointed out what I can improve and develop to my own discipline which I think it was inspiring. I think verbally i think i presented my speech alright, the only lacking bit was the professional vocabulary i lacked on regarding to feminism, if i research more deeply and thoroughly i can develop better vocabulary to express my thoughts on feminism. Some ideas i shared with the group was expanding the idea of the steel underwear, which i can use in the future during womenswear, scaling the underwear up and incorporating it into a garment. The topic   on feminism also inspires me to think about my future as a womenswear designer, choosing whom i should design for, what i should design for, and why I should design it. Finally, Naomi told me that I  should record the process and development down into sketchbook, which I would do for the next session.

reflection 25/06

the brief of the new project told us to be inspired by any articles in the newspaper. This week we have to work on the theme of Handmade and do the experiment and practice with multiple materil in different workshops, which are metal, wood, plastic, and casting workshop. To begin with the article in newspaper, I've found out a case is about the anti-porn campaign celebrates as Walmart pulls magazine from checkouts. I'm  inspired by this reading in the paper and have decided to investigate deeply more about the right of women in nowadays society and feminism. Because the universality of woman being the main role in the porn industry, people have seen and treated women as sexual object with an unequal view. So I decided to start with the casting workshop to make a sculpture that can express the spirit of the power and freedom of women without any sexualization from the public. IMG_6173.jpg.1

reflection 26/06

 I went down to the wood workshop to create the mould with vacuum form in order to cast with plaster. After the workshop introduction at the last Friday, I had more understanding about each machine and have thought about how can it to be used for my specialisation creatively. I chose from the ready-made objects that were available in the workshop, and arrange different objects to respond to my theme by constructing a mould with the technique vacuum forming. I combined the shape of a butt that was covered by a mask with yarn. The concept of the composition was about sexualised symbols, that is why i thought of using the butt shape, often portrayed as a sexual body part. I used to yarn to hint about body hair and used the mask to cover parts of the hair to trick the thinking of the viewers. I selected the colour red plastic sheet  to present  boldness and power. After forming out mould, I went to the casting workshop to mix the plaster down into the mould. I had some technical problems while mixing the plaster, because the mould was too deep to fill out completely. So it took me three times to mix and fill, I realised that the first pour tried too quickly and the in result, pouring the second mix might cause a line of difference in between them. That experience taught me that next time I should mix in one time with big amount of right propotion of plaster and water.